Shark Rocket Professional Upright (NV482)

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Shark is a good brand for a vacuum cleaner. Shark NV482 offers good quality design and performance. The quality is impressive for cleaning home. It has never lost suction power with health safety. As a result, you will always feel comfortable to use the vacuum.

Using the vacuum cleaner is simple for any person. Also, you will have a lightweight design for easy movement. Its long cord helps to clean work without any trouble. Let’s begin Shark NV482 review to get an overall idea about the vacuum.


new shark vacuum



You will get some idea from the information. So, you should read the list of information clearly.

Dimensions 45.7 x 12.2 x 9.4 inches
Weight 12.8 pounds
Manufacturer Shark Ninja
Cord Length 30 feet
Color Gray, Orange
General Warranty VIP
Clearing Width 11 inches



The vacuum cleaner offers impressive features for effective cleaning. You will see advanced technology for cleaning home. Moreover, the vacuum can deal with both small and large debris.

  • Never Loses Suction Technology
  • Anti-Allergen Seal Technology
  • Special Pet Tools
  • Perfect For Carpeted Floor
  • Lightweight and Easy To Use

     Never Loses Suction Technology

It comes with cyclonic technology for good suction power. The vacuum cleaner has 700 watts motor. As a result, it will produce strong suction for removing dust. Also, you can adjust the suction power for a different floor.

     Anti-Allergen Seal Technology

You will get an anti-allergen seal technology in the vacuum cleaner. As a result, it becomes safe for you and your family member.You don’t need to worry for your asthma problem. It collects 99.99% debris with the special technology. You will get good filtration system.The filtration system keeps you safe from health problems.

     Special Pet Tools

The vacuum cleaner is effective for removing pet hair. The suction power can remove any type of pet hair. Also, you will have pet tools for easy removal. As a result, it is no longer problem for your home. You can use the vacuum for the special tools. You do not need to worry about your pet at all!

     Perfect For Carpeted Floor 

The vacuum cleaner is suitable for both hard floor and carpeted floor. You can turn on/off the rolling brush. As a result, you can prevent damaging your carpet. Also, you can adjust the suction power of the vacuum. So, it is a great addition for deep carpet cleaning too!

     Lightweight and Easy To Use

You can easily handle the vacuum cleaner. It is a lightweight vacuum for easy usage. It is only 13 lbs that are low for controlling. Also, it offers a user manual for using the vacuum cleaner. As a result, you will not face any trouble to use the vacuum cleaner.


You will get many benefits because of the vacuum cleaner. The Shark NV482 vacuum offers amazing features for benefits. But, we will highlight the top unique benefit. It will give you a true meaning of using the vacuum.

Premium Pet Tools: The vacuum cleaner offers a special pet tools set. You will get some brushes and tools for removing pet hair. As a result, you do not need to worry about pet hair removal. Even, the tools are effective for removing pet hair from carpet. In short, this is a unique addition to the vacuum cleaner. 

Pros and Cons    


  • The vacuum cleaner offers good suction power.
  • It is easy to use for any person.
  • It doesn’t take much space for storage.
  • It comes with HEPA filtration.
  • The filtration is washable for durable usage.
  • The vacuum cleaner is safe for asthma patients.
  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • It is suitable for both hard and carpet floor.
  • It offers long 30-inch cord.


  • The vacuum cleaner is not perfect for shag carpets.
  • The suction power is a bit low in corners.

Author review and recommendation

Overall, the vacuum cleaner is a good choice for the users. It comes with an additional pet hair removal kit. As a result, you will get a good way to remove hair. The suction power is strong enough to remove stubborn debris. In short, this is a good quality vacuum cleaner for your home.

Customer of amazon reviews

“This vacuum cleaner is excellent for its service. It offers good suction power for cleaning the home. It works for me because of its pet hair removal kit. The attachments are excellent to remove the pet hair!”

Where to buy, why?

Amazon is the best place to buy the Shark NV482. It is the most popular and convenient place to order the vacuum. You will get many trusted sellers to buy the vacuum cleaner at an affordable price.

Guide user about setup

Setting up the vacuum cleaner is simple for any person. You will get a guide to set up the vacuum cleaner. But, you need to read the manual for clear about its function.

You need to turn on the vacuum and select the surface. In case, you need to attach an attachment, you need to attach it. You should not start the vacuum before joining the attachment.

How to maintain and fix?

The vacuum cleaner doesn’t need much maintenance. But, you need to replace the filter once in three months. The time depends on how frequently you use the vacuum cleaner.

You will get a user guide to change the filter. You should follow the guide to change your vacuum’s filter. Also, you will get a good suggestion for the filter too.

For repairing or fixing the vacuum, you should contact the dealer. If you have warranty cover, you don’t need to worry. Or, you need to call a professional to repair the vacuum cleaner. You should never try to open the vacuum to fix. You may damage the vacuum because of having no experience.


The vacuum cleaner is a good addition to your home. It comes with numerous good features for cleaning your home. Also, it is easy to use and storage. The suction power is enough for cleaning home on heavy traffic. In short, you will get good support from the vacuum cleaner.Come home

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