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   In the market, you will find a bundle of vacuum cleaners. Shark Navigator Lift-away Professional NV356E vacuum clean is a smart choice. The performance level of the vacuum cleaner is high. The design and features are excellent for cleaning dust.You will have good cleaning experience because it is good for health too!

   In short, the vacuum cleaner is a convenient model to use. Also, you don’t need much time to learn operating the vacuum. It is easy to use and storage in home. Moreover, it will give you complete protection against allergy. Overall, the vacuum cleaner is an excellent addition for removing dust.

shark vacuum steamer



Dimensions 45.5 x 11.4 x 15 inches
Weight 13.7 pounds
Manufacturer Shark
Warranty 1 year
Color White
Cord Length 30 feet
Hose Length 8.5 feet
Dust Collector Type Bagless


The vacuum cleaner has numerous cool features. You will get good benefits because of the impressive features. The features are:

  • Two-In-One Vacuum Cleaner
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology
  • Powerful Suction
  • Lightweight & Versatile
  • Easy To Clean and Storage

     Two-In-One Vacuum Cleaner

 It is a two-in-one vacuum cleaner for easy cleaning. You can use it for cleaning any type of surfaces. Also, you can lift away the canister for portable use. As a result, you can easily reach to the hardest places to clean home. In short, you can clean your home with minimum effort.

      Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology

 You will get an anti-allergen complete seal technology. It comes with a cyclonic technology to capture 99.9% dusts. It has no chance to disperse the dust again. As a result, you will have no problem of asthma and allergy.

      Powerful Suction

 The vacuum cleaner comes with never lose suction power technology. Its patented technology will give you good suction power. As a result, you can suck the dirt and dust away from your home. Also, it helps to remove pet hair on carpet and floor with minimum effort.

      Lightweight, Versatile & Portable

 The vacuum cleaner is 13.7 pounds. The portable canister weighs 7.5 pounds for portable use. As a result, you can clean home without giving any effort. It will give you a comfortable handle to operate the device.

      Easy To Clean and Storage 

 The vacuum cleaner is easy to clean and storage. You will get a guide manual for using the vacuum. As a result, you do not need to face trouble to use the vacuum for cleaning home. The narrow design doesn’t need much space for storage.


 You will get many benefits of using the vacuum cleaner. But, we will discuss the best benefit of the Shark NV356E.

 Suitable for All Floors: The vacuum cleaner is suitable for all floors. You can use the vacuum for barefoot and hard surfaces. It can work properly for carpeted areas. You will get a brush-roll turn-off feature. As a result, it will not damage your carpet too!

 In addition, you can also use the vacuum for cleaning ceiling and hardwood floor. You will get a good brush for cleaning the stairs properly. In short, this is an ideal vacuum cleaner for your home.

Pros and Cons


 It offers adjustable suction feature.

  • You will get a lightweight vacuum cleaner for cleaning.
  • The price is inexpensive comparing to the features.
  • It can clean all types of floors.
  • The vacuum is perfect for pet hair removal.
  • It offers anti-allergen seal technology.
  • The vacuum is easy to storage on your home.
  • You can turn off brush-roll for carpets
  • It is a noise free vacuum cleaner.


 No attachment for carpeted surface.

  • The vacuum cleaner doesn’t have a light for dark place cleaning.
  • Hose is a bit short to clean under furniture.
  • The cleaning path is narrow.

 Author review and recommendation

Overall, the vacuum cleaner is an efficient device. You can use the vacuum for cleaning your home and office. The suction power is high to suck small debris. It is quiet and complete task within a short time. So, it is a perfect vacuum for your home and office.

Customer of amazon reviews

“I love this vacuum cleaner for easy detachable feature. It helps to reach hard corners without any problem. Overall, I am happy with the performance and suction power.”

 Where to buy & why?

The best place to buy the vacuum is Amazon. Amazon is the popular online website to buy any kind of product. You will get many customer review and reliable sellers. It will become easy to compare and get the vacuum at affordable price.

 Guide user about setup

Using the vacuum cleaner is easy for any person. You will get a user manual with the vacuum. You can read the book to understand the mechanism.

This is a corded vacuum cleaner. Therefore, you will need to connect the cord to switch. Turn on the vacuum cleaner to start cleaning. However, you need to set the settings too. Make sure you select the right floor type and attach accessory.

At the time, you set the settings and put accessory, turn on the machine. You can clean the surface. For lifting away the pod, you can see the manual. Don’t rush to lift the vacuum. You should do it with gentle push.

 How to maintain and fix?

The vacuum cleaner is easy to maintain. You don’t need any maintenance cost. It comes with a dust container instead of bag. Therefore, you can avoid any further cost.

 In order to fix any problem, you should contact with the dealer. If you have warranty, contact with your dealer. You can call an expert to fix any problem. You should open if you have experience.  It can bring trouble and damage the vacuum cleaner permanently.


The vacuum cleaner is efficient and excellent device for cleaning.  The performance, quality, suction power and features are excellent. Therefore, you will love to have the best vacuum cleaner for home. The price is affordable comparing to the features. You should go for the vacuum because it is money worth investment. go home.

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