Water-based versus Oil-based Polishes for Wood Floors

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The wood floors become a bit different from the early time. You need to find a way out to make it shining and beautiful. You can find many ways to make it beautiful like previous. You can discuss with your friends or professionals for a help.

The ultimate solution is using polish. Again, you will find two types of polish in the market. Water-based polish and oil-based polish are two main classifications. So, you can become confused because of using the right polish to your wood floor.


The right choice depends on your first use. If you have used water-based polish, you should continue it. If you start with oil-based polish, you can continue it. Using two types of polishes is not a wise task. You need to remove the existing polish layer to use another type. You can use sand paper to remove the layer of the polish.

But, which one should you use for the first time? Today, we will discuss on both polishes for your choice. Reading our content, you can make a decision to use the right polish for your wood floor.

Making Your Choice

Our discussion will make easy your decision. Oil-based polishes are traditional using on the floor. People are using it for a long time. Water-based polishes are new on the market. People use the polishes for commercial locations.

Also, you can find some other factors to consider. We are discussing the factors bellow-


Oil-based polishes are affordable. The polish is old and tradition. You will need to spend more for water-based polish.

Drying Time

You should use water-based polish is the best for quick drying.  You will save your time because the polish dries quickly. Generally, the polish needs only two hour to dry.

Oil-based polish does not dry quickly because of its nature. Generally, the polish needs some time to dry. It becomes hard and long lasting once it completes its period.

Odor Problem

Do you have a problem with the polish’s odor? If you have, you should use the water-based polish. Oil polish leaves a horrible odor. Therefore, you need ventilation to remove the odor.

For that reason, you should become careful to choose the best and suitable polish for your wood floor.


If you want a fabulous look, you should use oil polishes. It will always leave a rich color to your floor. Moreover, the color depends on how much stain you use.

If you want a light color on the floor, you can use water-based polishes. The polish is used in the gym and commercial places. You can use the polish on your office floor for better result.


You don’t need hard effort to use oil based polishes. You can use the oil one time for the final finish. For heavy final layer, you can keep use polish without thin application.

Water-based polishes leave light layer. Deep layer needs many times to use the water-based polish over the floor. Don’t use the water-based polish before it dries. This is important to use it again when the first layer dries. Then, you can apply for another layer to make it heavy layer.

This is important to take the right decision on the polish.You can use any of the polish for your wood floor. For that reason, we are making a short conclusion on the aspects.

Oil-based Polish


The oil-based polish is easy to use on the floor. Moreover, it is affordable to buy for any person. You can have a heavy layer over the floor.


Special skill is important in order to apply the oil-based polishes.

Water-based Polish


You can use the water-based polish to save your time. Although it is expensive, this is easy to use. Moreover, this is important to use only two layers of polish. The people who loves light color can use the polish.


  • Expensive


You can choose any of the polish. You have both positive and negative sides of each polish. Choosing the right type has become easy for you. You can’t change the type later. If you don’t want to invest, you can go with oil-based polish. They are cheap. Water-based polish is good for commercial floors with a light color. Come home

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