How to use a shark vacuum?

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You can use your Shark Vacuum cleaner to easily clean both bare floor and carpets, by using a simple click to switch between the two options. Here’s a list of things you should do to start cleaning:

  • Set the vacuum into the upright position
  • Plug in the power cord
  • Start the vacuum by pressing the on/off switch
  • Place your foot on the Floor Power Nozzle and pull the handle towards you
  • Set the power switch to your preferred cleaning setting
  • Push the power cord into the groove of the handle, and secure it by placing the cord into the cord clip
  • Move the On/Off switch to position I if you want to vacuum bare floor or clean with just the hose (straight suction only mode)
  • Move the On/Off switch to position II to engage the motorized floor brush, if you want to vacuum carpets or rugs
  • Due to a vast suction power of the Shark vacuum, you may have to adjust the suction release on the hose. If you find it difficult to push or pull the vacuum or if you’re lifting the rugs up that may just be the indicator telling you to do so. You can adjust the suction release by opening the valve at the top of the hose.
  • When using the pet hair power brush, it might be best to close the suction valve completely, in order to get the best possible result

General use instructions:

  • Use the Shark Vacuum Cleaner exactly as told in the instruction manual
  • Do not, under any circumstances, put any object into openings, and keep the opening clean from hair, lint, dust or anything else that may cause a blockage in the airflow
  • Keep your work area well lit (some Shark Vacuum cleaners have LED light, taking care of this issue)
  • Keep the vacuum moving over the carpet surface, in order to avoid damaging the carpet fiber
  • Do not place the vacuum on unstable surfaces, like chairs or tables
  • Do not allow children to use the vacuum cleaner, especially as a toy. Keep watch over them, if you’re learning the how to use this appliance
  • Do not use the vacuum, if it has been damaged, broken, left outside or submerged in water. Contact your manufacturer or repair service, if any of the aforementioned happened.
  • Do not use the vacuum, if the dust cup and/or filters are not in place.

To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or injury adhere to following instructions:

  • Unplug the vacuum from the electrical outlet, when you’re not using it
  • Do not use the vacuum, if it has a damaged cord or plug
  • Do not pull or carry the vacuum by the power cord
  • Do not unplug the vacuum by pulling the cord. Grab the plug to do so, not the cord
  • Do not handle the plug or vacuum, if your hands are wet
  • Do not run the vacuum over the power cord
  • Do not leave the appliance when it’s plugged in. go home

Check this great video for detailed instructions:


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