How to repair the engine of a vacuum cleaner?

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The vacuum cleaner is one of the most important devices to clean the home. This cleaning appliance provides a good service to keep your home clean. There are many people who are facing trouble using the vacuum cleaners. Many vacuum cleaner engines slow down after using several months.

So, you need to spend money for repairing the vacuum cleaners. However, you do not need any high equipment for repairing the device. You need to know how a vacuum cleaner works and how to repair the engine of a vacuum cleaner. If you know the basics of the motors, you can easily repair the engine too.


Disassembling the vacuum cleaner is not hard but tricky. You need to be careful when removing the parts. First of all, you need to remove the filters of the device. Then, you should remove the handles.

When you are taking out the switches, you need to be extra careful. Make sure that you are not disturbing the electrical connector. After removing the vacuum case, you will get the core engine. The case helps to protect the interior part of the device.

Use a screwdriver to unscrew the motherboard of the vacuum cleaner. This will help you to move the engine easy. Otherwise, this would be hard to work on the engine. Don’t you want to remove the entire engine? Then, you must need some practical experience to do it.

You can notice the rubber bumpers in the machine. You don’t need to remove the rubber bumper.

You need to be gentle when removing the parts. Don’t forget how they are assembled in the vacuum cleaner. Now remove the vacuum pump cabinet to see the motor.

You can see a motor chamber with all the motors instead of having a motor shell. The design varies depending on the model or brand.

Fixing the Motor

You will find a metal shield at the end of the motor. You need to remove the nut in order to get the blower fan. After removing the nuts, you can remove the aluminum blower.

Now, you need to remove the carbon motor brushes. They are solid and long in nature. You need to remove them smoothly. Normally, they remain good enough for two or three years.

Clean the carbon motor brushes properly with a blower. Cleaning or replacing the brushes can provide you good result later. There are two brushes available in every vacuum cleaner.

Do you want to replace them? This is important to replace both of the brushes. Otherwise, you can’t expect a good result. Take the brushes aside and move to another part.

Press down the metal spring clip to remove the vacuum engines stator. An electric controller will also come with the stator. Clean the entire part of the stator so that it can work at its optimum level.

You need to pull out the rotor of the vacuum cleaner. It has bearings on both sides. Be careful to pull out the rotor. Otherwise, the small spring washer in the part can damage too.

You will find the commutator at end of the rotor. This is the major part of the engine to make it slow down. Dust and dirty outlook have made the commutator damaged to work in a right way. So, you need to clean the part properly to get good cleaning service.

In order to fix it, you can mount the commutator and turn on the machine. The vacuum cleaner will create a loud sound when it is not covering with a plastic. So, you need to be aware of the sound. You need to use a sandpaper to strip to down to the rotors.

The commutator can work in a proper way without smoothing it properly. In fact, you can send down of the commutator to clean the device. Don’t brush the heads of the brush.

To get an overall good cleaning, you can clean the aluminum blower too. You might notice a bit dust in the blower. This will also affect the function of the vacuum cleaner.

The structure of the vacuum cleaners engine is simple. You will find a triac and a thermal device in the engine. Do you have any experience to handle such thing? You can easily inspect and find out the problem with them. You need to notice that the plastic clips are not cracked and connected securely.


Do you have completed the repair and cleaning of the vacuum cleaner? Now it’s time to assemble the parts. You need to reassemble the vacuum cleaner in a dry and warm place. The engine should not get wet when you are reassembling it. So, you need to wait for drying the engine to reassemble.

Firstly, you should check the wire connections of the vacuum cleaner.

Secondly, you need to screw the screws properly to make it connected

Thirdly, turn on the machine after few hours to work.

If the machine is not working, your reassemble is not properly done. Or, you did not install the wires in a proper way. Now you need to re-check the connections to start it again.


The vacuum cleaners engine is very simple to repair and fix. You need to have some skills to make in a right way. However, you can also hire a professional to repair the vacuum cleaner. This will cost you a lot. Instead, you can fix the engine in the way we showed today.

You can also do another thing with the vacuum’s engine. You do not need to wait for repairing the engine. You can also open the engine once a month to clean the commutator and other parts. This will remove the clogged dust in the vacuum cleaner. As a result, you will get optimum support from the vacuum cleaner.

Do you have any question regarding how to clean or fix it? Then, you can share your thoughts and questions through the comment box. We will give you an appropriate solution. Go home.

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