Is It A Good Idea to Steam Clean Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floor is one of the best way to make your home attractive, elegant and stylish. The hardwood will leave a classic look to your floor. Therefore, you will always feel incredible tosee the finest floor.

However, the elegant hardwood floor needs specific maintenance. You can’t avoid to take good care of the floor. Or, it will reduce the lifetime of the hardwood floor.

Water is the biggest enemy of hardwood floors. For that reason, you need to become careful to use water over the hardwood floor. In fact, it can damage the wood floor within a short time. In addition, you will need to invest a good amount of money for repair hardwood floor.

Now a day, some of the companies suggest to use steam clean hardwood floors. According to the concept, it is one of the best way to clean hardwood floor. The vapor of water will not damage the hardwood floor. But, it is important to have proper sealing for safety.

Many manufacturing companies offer steam clean hardwood floors. However, the National Wood Floor Association has denied to use the process. It is a risky method to clean the hardwood floor. Theconsequences can damage the hardwood floor. As a result, it will cause heavy loss of a user. In addition, it can reduce the life expectancy of the floor.

Steam Cleaning Problems

You can seal the hardwood floor to prevent any type of damage. But, the steam contains a high amount of moisture. As soon as the moisture touches the wood, it will damage the wood.

You can try to seal it in multi-level. But, you can’t give a surety about its perfection and quality. Therefore, it is a risky task to try to clean your hardwood floor. Instead, you should try something else to take good care of your hardwood floor.

If you do not become serious, the moisture can reduce the lifetime. Therefore, you should always remain careful for hardwood floor. 

How to clean hardwood Floors without Damaging?

You can use some of the methods to clean your hardwood floor. The methods will not damage your hardwood floor at all. In fact, it will help to clean the floor in a right way.


You can sweep the hardwood floor for cleaning. It will not damage the floor at all. But, you need to use a right and soft cloth to weep. You can use a good bristle brooms for sweeping the floor.


Using a vacuum cleaner is a good way to clean hardwood floor. You will find some good hardwood floor vacuums in the market. In addition, it offers many attachments too. As a result, you can clean hardwood floor without any damage.

Dust Mopping

It is the safest and easiest way to clean hardwood floor. You can buy a good dust mop for the task. Make sure you are using a soft cloth dust mop for your floor. Or, it can leave scratches to your floor.

Use Professional Cleaning Products

You can find many professional products for cleaning. Find the best product for cleaning hardwood floor. You can follow the steps on the user guide. Most of the products use mop to clean the hardwood floor.

You need to sure that it does not contain any harmful materials. Or, it can also damage the wood. In this case, you can ask to the professional for the right product. Then, you can expect to have a good quality product.

You can also use other methods for preventing dust. You can use a door mat on every room. It will help to reduce the dust from your shoes. In addition, it will eliminate winter salt entering to your room. As a result, you will see less amount of dust.


You will get many professional products for cleaning hardwood floor. Therefore, you should avoid to use the steam for cleaning hardwood floor. Or, you don’t need to expect long lifetime of the floor.

You can take risk and it will cost you a high amount. As a result, you should not take risk.  Therefore, you should become careful choosing the right method. come home

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    I never knew steam could cause so much damage to the hardwood floors. I always believed in steaming. From now on I will opt for the vacuuming option.


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