How to get rid of unwanted vacuum cleaner odors?

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A vacuum cleaner can keep your home odor free. To get good service from the vacuum cleaner, you need to maintain it too. The vacuum can become smelly in near future. The smell will become disturbing if you don’t clean the dust bag.

It will work properly to keep your home clean and fresh smelling. But, you need to maintain it in a right way. Otherwise, this will release bad smell throughout the room. As a result, this would become a trouble for any house.

Today, we will show you the right steps to get rid of unwanted vacuum cleaner odors. You can follow our steps to reduce vacuum odors. They will also help you to use a vacuum for a long time.

Our steps are not hard to follow. You can spend one hour or less to remove the odors. But, you need to be careful when taking the steps. Instead of waiting for odor, you should do it regularly. This will help your vacuum to support you properly.

Replace the Bags

Smell bags are the main cause of dispersing odors. You should change the bag regularly. This is the best prevention of unwanted vacuum cleaner odors. You should prefer to buy the best and original vacuum bags for the machine. Otherwise, this will not give you the perfect solution.

Some bags offer an extra filtration layer. This layer helps to reduce the dirt odor. This type of bag can give you the best prevention than simple paper bags.

A bag can be replaced between 6 months to 1 year. It depends on the frequency of using the vacuum cleaner. This is a good idea to buy a washable bag. Make sure to use the bag when it is not wet. Otherwise, it can ruin the vacuum.

Are you using a bagless vacuum? It is important to empty the dustbin and wash it. Don’t attach the dustbin if it is wet.

Clean the Vacuum Cleaner

The second step is to keep the vacuum clean. Take a cleaning cloth and warm soapy water. Wipe the cleaning cloth throughout the surface of the device. Make sure to clean the dust and stains completely from the surface. You can also use baking soda for environmentally friendly cleaning. One teaspoon of baking soda with 0.1 gallons of water is enough to clean a vacuum.

You can use the water to clean filters, hose, and bags. Use clean and warm water to wash the compartments. You should use a dry cloth to wipe them to dry quickly. Remove any clogs in the hose for efficient suction power.

Clean or Replace the Filters

Filters are the important part of the vacuum cleaner. This compartment helps to keep off dirt, dust from escaping back into the vacuumed chamber. They become old after using a couple of years. It depends on the frequency of use. So, you should change the filters of the vacuum.

Make sure to buy the best and expensive filters. A good filter system helps to keep your health safe. Moreover, this is also beneficial for good cleaning service.

You should buy the recommended or original parts only. Third party parts do not fit well to the vacuum cleaner. They are not in real shape like your vacuum needs. So, this will become a negative side of the filtration system.

Washable filters provide a good solution too. You can wash the filters and dry them for 24 hours. You can reassemble them after drying. Make sure not to feel hesitate to buy a new filter if necessary.

Use incorporate Perfume Pads

Incorporating perfume pads are one of the best solutions for getting rid of odors. Scented tablets can reduce the bad smell when vacuuming. You can choose a favorite fragrance for vacuuming. You can also get different types of fragrances in the market.

You can also get the opinion of other family members about the fragrance. Some fragrance can irritate others too. So, asking them for opinion is also a good idea for you.

You can place the perfume pads on the top of the filter. Then, you can turn on the vacuum cleaner for cleaning the home. It will disperse excellent fragrance in the room and removes odor.

Use Cinnamon

Many few people know about cinnamon. This ingredient can absorb bad smell quickly. It has a great power to absorb the foul smell of dust. If you do not want to use perfume pads, you can use the cinnamon.

To use it, you can sprinkle a small portion of cinnamon into the vacuum bag. After doing that, you should start your vacuum cleaner.

You can also use other ingredients for getting rid of odors. Dried orange rings and coffee beans are also the vital elements for odors.

Remove Blockage

The vacuum can smell bad due to blockages. Sometimes the blockages cause a bad smell. If you have a pet, pet hair can clog into the valves. So, you should disassemble the vacuum cleaner to remove the blockages. Use a thin rod to run through the hose for removing the blockages.

Note: You should be careful if you want to disassemble the machine. You need to know how to disassemble and assemble it again. Any mistake can ruin the machine too.


Call an electrician if the vacuum becomes too hot to release the smell. It may release smell for becoming too hot or any faulty electrical cords.

Don’t take risk of inspecting the faulty electrical cord. You should call a technician for repairing the vacuum cleaner. Also, you should stop working with the vacuum.


Maintaining the vacuum cleaner is the best way to fight against the bad smell. If you maintain the vacuum, your machine will not release the bad smell. As a result, this will become a problem at the time of cleaning the home.

The vacuum keeps a healthy environment in your house. So, this is your duty to take care the machine too. Otherwise, this will become hard to remove bad smell from the vacuum cleaner.


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