How to find and repair a vacuum cleaner leak?

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The vacuum cleaner is an important element of the household to keep a house clean. The device can pick up the dust properly from the surface or any furniture. The suction power is the main force that works to suck the dust.

However, the vacuum cleaner goes through different problems. Sometimes you can notice the reduction in the suction power. Holes and cracks can be the reason of losing the suction power of the vacuum cleaner. Therefore, you need to check the hose leakage in order to repair it.

Basically, this is very easy to find and repair a vacuum cleaner leakage. If you do not repair it, the performance level will go lower than you can expect. So, we are providing you the way to find and repair the leakage.

Take Preparation with Appropriate Tools

This is important to collect the tools and materials to repair the leak. When you have gathered the tools, you can finish the task easily. There are several tools that you need to complete it.

  • Write Coat Hanger
  • Broom Handle
  • A Thin Rod
  • Duct Tape
  • A Utility Knife
  • Talcum Powder

You need to keep in mind that vacuum cleaner hose may have dust inside. So, you should not open it for cleaning inside your home. You should take a tray or go outside to open it for repairing. Otherwise, this will make your home dirty again. You should not wear a good dress when cleaning the vacuum cleaner. 

Check the Hose

You need to check the hose to find out the leakage. Check either the hose is clogged or not. Due to the clogged, the vacuum cleaner lost its suction power. Sometimes the vacuum loses suction power because of its engine troubleshoot.

When you find a clog in the hose, you need to disconnect it from the vacuum. You can use a wire coat hanger to make straight the hose. You need to use a thin rod. It will help you to remove the clog from the hose.

You need to use the broom handle so that you can remove the clog. Run the broom handle through the hose properly to reduce the clog. Sometimes the broom handle cannot help you to remove the clog. Don’t worry about it. You can also unhook the hose at the both end side to remove the clog. This can help you to remove the clog instantly and in a proper way.

Find the Leak

If you are unable to find a clog, there might a leak. So, you need to inspect the hose to find the leak and repair it. You can use the fingers to find the leakage.

You need to run the fingers throughout the hose. Usually, the leak is large enough to feel it. So, finding the leakage is not hard for any person.

Don’t you feel the hose leak? Then, you need to take another approach to finding the leakage. You need to remove the hose from the vacuum cleaner and take it to the utility room.

You need to use a bucket with full of water. You need to detach the hose from the vacuum cleaner. Now, run the hose under the water. You will notice air comes out from the water. This happens if there is a leak. You should mark the area for repairing.

Easy Way to Repair the Hose leakage

This is easy to repair if the leakage is near to the end of the hose. You can take a knife to cut the hose and fix the plastic connector again. You need to remove the plastic connector before cutting the hose. Then, attach the plastic connector with the hose and reconnect it with the vacuum cleaner. It’s simple.

Note: You can’t apply this repair system if the plastic connectors are machine fitted. You can’t remove and re-attach the connector with the hose. Moreover, this system is not perfect if the leakage is in the middle of the hose.

Repair the Hose in an alternative way

You need to use a duct tape for alternative leakage solution. However, this is not a permanent solution for your vacuum cleaner leakage. This is a short time solution that can work until you buy a new hose or vacuum cleaner. This will help you to regain the suction power.

Use dish soap in order to clean the leakage area properly. You can’t use the tape unless the area is dirty. So, you need to clean and dry the area to use the tape.

When your cleaning is completed, you need to use talcum powder over the broom handle. Slide the broom handle through the hose near to the leakage area properly. This will help to have an effective repair foundation.

The talcum powder must touch the leakage area. Otherwise, tape can’t help you repair the leakage. Use the tape over the leakage area and remove the broom handle from the hose.

After sealing the leakage, you should check for more leakage. Otherwise, the task will remain incomplete.

Final Touch to the Hose Repair

You have sealed the leakage with the tape. But, you need to do another step. The tape area is very sticky to clog dust easily. So, you should sprinkle some talcum powder on the ground and turn on the vacuum cleaner.

The talcum powder will cover the place properly. You need to do this several times to make it sticky free. Otherwise, this will clog within a short time. 


This is not a long time solution for repairing the vacuum cleaner leak. In fact, you need to buy a vacuum cleaner hose sooner or later. Otherwise, this is difficult to get super efficiency from the vacuum cleaner.

Some of the manufacturers do not offer hose separately to buy. As a result, you might need time to find the hose for your vacuum. So, you can use the method in order to save your money. Make sure to follow the techniques as soon as the suction power is reduced. Go home

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