Common Vacuuming Mistakes to Avoid

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The vacuum cleaner is an important cleaning appliance for home. This is an electric machine that you need to use in a right way. Otherwise, you can’t use it for a long time. Many of the people do not know how to use a vacuum cleaner accurately. Doing mistakes can damage the functions of a vacuum cleaner.

As a beginner level user of a vacuum cleaner, you should know how to use a vacuum cleaner.Otherwise, you will also do a mistake that can ruin your full investment for the cleaning appliances.After researching a lot, we have found out 7 common vacuuming mistakes that a user usually does.Therefore, you should avoid the common vacuum mistakes so that you can use a vacuum for a long time.

1.Do not adjust the Settings Vacuuming another Place

You should know the settings of a vacuum cleaner properly. You will get different floor settings in a vacuum cleaner. So, you need to use the appropriate floor settings.

You should change the settings depending on the place. You should use the carpet surface option for cleaning a carpet. Many of the people forget of adjusting the settings.

Don’t you select the right floor settings? You should not expect efficient cleaning. Look at the settings before you are moving to another floor.

2.Don’t Empty the Vacuum’s Bin Frequently

The efficiency level of a vacuum cleaner largely depends on available space in a dust bag. The device works better for the empty dust bin. Full bin reduces the efficiency level of the vacuum.

You should keep eyes on the dustbin of the vacuum cleaner. You need to empty the dustbin regularly. You can do it after completing your house cleaning. This will keep your vacuum cleaner well and save your energy. You will not get good support for cleaning any stubborn dust.

3.Don’t Vacuum In Every Direction

Many people do not know how to clean a carpet with a vacuum cleaner. Cleaning carpet with a vacuum does not follow the formula of mowing your lawn. This has a special way to clean.

You need to go through every direction for cleaning the carpet. Otherwise, you cannot pick the smallest piles from the carpet. So, your carpet will remain with dust although you give effort, time and energy.

You should vacuum the carpet in every direction. This method can pick the smallest piles. Don’t be quick to vacuum the carpet. You should give time to go through the carpet for the best result.

4.Don’t Prepare Before Cleaning

Most of the users do not prepare the area where to clean it. You can’t clean home floors if there is many furniture or small things. You need to remove them from the floor. Then, you can start cleaning the area.

This is more important to keep your baby and toys away from the floor. Otherwise, you need to stop the device in the middle of cleaning. This will be wastage of your effort, energy and time.

Also, you can remove the carpet that is covering the floor for long lasting cleaning. You can also remove the rugs and mats of the floor. You need to change the floor settings for carpeted areas.

Are you using a cordless vacuum cleaner for cleaning? Then, you must charge it fully to vacuum. This will give you more time for cleaning. Otherwise, you can’t complete your cleaning in a single charge.

5.Use Improper Attachments

The vacuum cleaner offers various attachments for cleaning. The attachments are specialized to clean a particular area. You will get a crevice tool for the corner cleaning. An automobile attachment is available for automobile cleaning. Do you have a pet? Then, a pet hair removal attachment can help you to remove pet hair too!

Therefore, you need to select the use the right attachment for cleaning. This will ensure picking up the dust efficiently. Do you want to neglect the right attachment for right purpose?

6.Take a Reactive Approach

A clean home is the desire of every person living in the home. Instead of waiting for visible dust, you should clean it daily. This will help to keep it neat and clean.

Normally, you should clean floor two or three times a day depending on the traffic of the area. However, you do not need to clean the entire house daily.

You can choose the area where traffic is huge. For example- kitchen, bedroom, and dining space. You do not need to vacuum the rest of the areas daily. You can clean the left areas once in a week.

7.Rushing the Job

Many people want to finish cleaning home within some minutes. If the suction power is high, you can finish your cleaning job quickly.

But, this does not mean to go for a rush cleaning. You should go to the surface slowly and smoothly. Otherwise, you can’t pick all the dust of the surface to clean. This is a slow process to pick the dust. Every vacuum cleaner needs time to pick the dust and piles from the surface.

You should understand the quality and suction power of your vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, the vacuum cannot give you proper cleaning service. When you are using a motorized brush, you need to go slower than hard floors.


These are the seven common mistakes to avoid when vacuuming your home. Beginners do the mistakes for cleaning a home. Therefore, the parts get damaged in a short period of time. You can clean your home once a day.

You should always keep the mistakes in mind to enhance the quality of cleaning home! Moreover, you should also read the manual instruction for easy cleaning. The instructions can give you proper ideas about the features. Some vacuums do not provide good service for several floors.

So, this is also your duty to check the features of the vacuum cleaner. Do you have any question about vacuuming home? Feel free to ask through the comment box! We will try our best to give you a solution. Go home

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