Best way to clean and maintain hardwood floors

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Hardwood floors are expensive to install and repair. You should try to keep it clean for lifetime service. In addition, you need to maintain the hardwood floors in a right method. Or, it will damage soon and causes extra maintenance cost.

How do you clean and maintain hardwood floors? You can use various methods to keep it clean. Cleaning and maintaining can become a good way to get durable service. In addition, the floor will remain beautiful and attractive to your home.

Today, we will discuss some of the ways to clean and maintain hardwood floors. You can use out tips to complete the task. In addition, you can suggest other methods!


Having internal and exterior mats are important. The mats can help to prevent dust from entering into home. It will remove dust from your shoes. As a result, you can protect the hardwood floor.

 You can use the mats for a kitchen sink and dishwasher areas. As a result, water can’t spoil your wood floor. Breathable rugs are another essential item for your wood floor. You can use rugs in high traffic areas for better cleaning.


Do you want to present scratches on a hardwood floor? The sweeping floor can become a good way to prevent. If you sweep the floor at a regular interval, it will remove dust.

Sweeping makes it easy to clean home within a short time. You don’t need any other aspects of maintaining floor. You need to calculate the right time to sweep. It depends on the traffic of your home.

Additional Tips

You can use a good vacuum cleaner for cleaning hardwood floor. First, you need to complete dust mopping. Using vacuum after mopping makes the task simple.  You will get many good quality hardwood floor vacuums on the market.

  • You should not wet mop wood floors. If you use moisture, it can damage the wood. In this case, you should avoid moisture.
  • You should keep the nails small of your pet. Or, it will scratch your floor.
  • High heel and cleats aren’t good for hardwood floor. As a result, you should avoid the shoes into your home. Or, it can leave a worse scratch on the floor.
  • You need take steps to maintain humidity. Humidity from 35% to 55% is good for hardwood floor. As a result, you need to keep in mind to maintain it.
  • You need to take a step to block direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will change the color of your floor. Also, it can reduce the lifetime of your floor.
  • You need to wipe any spill as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can spread the spill. Therefore, you need to keep close eyes on the spill on the floor.
  • You can also use professional cleaning products for stains and spills. It helps to reduce the stains and increase the durability.

Information of the Right Finish

Using the right finish on floor is important. You should use the right type of finish over the floor. It will boost the lifetime of the floor.

Surface Finishes

The finishes are popular for its lifetime and performance. It creates a protective coat over the floor. It makes the wood durable and protective. It is water-resistant with low maintenance cost.


The wax creates a hardening protective seal into the wood. As a result, it is easy to use over the wood. You can mix it with thin applications to apply.

You can use water based polish for restoring the shine. Using in every two months is a good idea. It doesn’t contain any harmful toxins. In fact, it will increase the lifetime and remove micro-scratches. You can use the polish in the evening for a better result.


Cleaning the wood floor is a day basis task. You need to do many things to clean and maintain. If you don’t take action, it will reduce the lifetime. Repairing the damaged floor is expensive.

You can use our tips to clean the wood floor. You can use cleaning products to clean.A vacuum cleaner can give you the best solution to clean.The vacuum can pick dust and keep your home clean.

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